Heavenly Nourishing Latin American Flavors

A charming, vibrant and unstoppable team launched this past weekend London's best Latin American Street Festival. I am talking Comida FestComida Fest filled the British capital with warming flavors and charming rhythms. Events like these introduce the richness and beauty of Latin America's culture and culinary expertise to visitors from all over the world. I have the great pleasure to write every week for Comida Fest their news section. So fun. And it makes me very nostalgic. So I am [mentally] taking a little trip back to my childhood home-base, Chile.

You might related, quite often it can be a single spice or a genuine flavor of an herb, fruit or typical ingredient that can revive fond memories. And I want to share with you notes of flavor that I connect with this beautiful region. You will see they might not all be foreign to you. A few of my top 5 are already circulating around food blogs and gaining more and more in popularity abroad. Yay!  

And here is why...   

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